"I've been working with patients for almost 10 years as a Chiropractic Physician. I'm always looking for new ways to increase awareness of the valuable clinical services provided at my centers. Bruce Freeman has given me insightful ideas to assist in my marketing efforts. I rely on his 'Ask the Small Business Professor' column to keep me abreast of new trends and developments in the field. I couldn't ask for a more knowledgeable and capable advisor as my companies move forward into providing nationwide healthcare for patients."

Dr. Daniel Houshmand, D.C.

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"I find the column inspiring and helpful to me in running my own small business."

Dan Janal

President and Founder

"Bruce Freeman, The Small Business Professor, is a most valued and enthusiastic guest contributor to the business segment of our radio show dealing with the challenges facing today's entrepreneurs. His practical and insightful advice has served to enhance our ability, as broadcasters, to help business owners move ahead in their various fields of endeavor. ....Thank you, Bruce."

Sue Tovey / Sande Foster


WTBQ 1110 AM (ABC Affiliate Station)

"'Ask the Small Business Professor' is a must read for small business owners looking for free expert business advice. Using a Q&A format, Bruce Freeman covers important small business topics weekly by bringing in recognized experts on subjects including accounting, legal issues, trademarks marketing and sales. Don't miss it!"

Joseph L. Rosenberg


"The Small Business Professor is a site that should be bookmarked by every entrepreneur. In today's business environment, it is difficult to gather information and obtain answers to the myriad of questions that face business owners. Bruce Freeman's 'Ask the Small Business Professor' column is an excellent resource that provides guidance, up-to-the-minute information, mentoring, and more."

Irene Maslowski

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Book, Birthing the Elephant

Birthing the Elephant book cover

* Start Here for Start-up Success! *

Finally – the start-up action guide that leads you step by step through the rocky small-business launch cycle, showing you not just the best moves to make, but the big pitfalls to avoid – so you can save time, money – and a boatload of stress!

"Part portable success coach, part step-by-step guide through the life cycle of a small-business launch ... With the number of women-owned businesses growing in the U.S., the audience for this positive, cheerful, practical book should be substantial."
- Publishers Weekly

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take control of your life, do work you really love – and make more money?

All this and more can be yours as a small business owner. No wonder 2.5 million women a year – that’s 200,000 a month – catch start-up fever. If you’re one of them, you’ve come to the right place. Congratulations!

Why? Because beating the small-business odds isn’t easy. To do it, you’ll need support – and lots of it! Because the biggest challenges you’ll face aren’t economic, they’re emotional. Unless you can find the inner resources and staying power to rebound from setbacks and manage your fears, then the best business plan, the biggest bank account in town, and the savviest marketing strategy won’t help you when the going gets tough.

And it will get tough.

But here’s the good news: plenty of women have already mastered what we call "the small-business mind game" by tapping into their inner resources and ingenuity to rebound from the kind of setbacks that can derail even the most promising small-business dreams... clients that bail and suppliers that fail you. Or phones that don’t ring and fax machines that don’t hum. And bank accounts look more like Mother Teresa’s than Madonna’s. Welcome to the world of small business!

Wouldn’t it be great to discover how women entrepreneurs in different industries handled the same emotional obstacles and the problems you’re worried about – from managing a project meltdown to surviving financially? Better yet, how about getting practical strategies and a dose of inspiration from women who’ve already navigated these tricky waters successfully? That’s what Birthing the Elephant is all about!

"Birthing the Elephant gives you the support you will need for your future growth. Read it and indulge your passion."
- Jessica McClintock, Founder & CEO, Jessica McClintock, Inc.

In these pages, you'll learn how to reinvent yourself, how to stay focused, and how to survive the start-up emotional roller coaster from women who’ve already made it big in small business.

Birthing the Elephant isn’t your standard guide. It’s the What to Expect When You're Expecting for women taking the leap into entrepreneurship.

Isn't it great to know that you’re not alone on this journey? We'll be with you every step of the way as you launch your start-up, with stories and strategies for beating the tough challenges you’re facing. Because Birthing the Elephant doesn't just identify the emotional obstacles you'll hit, it shows you how to push past them so you can achieve your goals.

Using the real-world experience of women who've made it big in small business, we’ll show you how to handle the rocky terrain you’ll face in the first make-or-break 24 months of your launch – the smart moves to make and the dangerous pitfalls to avoid.

From letting go of your paycheck mentality to substituting brains for bucks to finding the staying power to follow your dreams no matter what, Birthing the Elephant is packed with the kind of practical, no-nonsense advice you need to move from wage earner to business owner.

"My bed-and-breakfast business started out small and just  keeps growing – thanks in part to start-up advice from Karin and Bruce. Everyone needs a success coach to cheer them on and whisper encouraging advice in their ear when the going gets tough! They’ve helped me realize my dream."
Becky Rohrer, owner of the College Inn in Westerville, Ohio

Birthing the Elephant is like GPS for your start-up! No matter what the emotional potholes or unexpected detours you encounter along the way, someone else has already been there and figured out how to get over, under or around them. Why go it alone? Birthing the Elephant will help you stay focused on the big picture - the successful small business you've dreamed of.

Packed with time-tested and inspirational advice from small-business success stories like cosmetics guru Bobbi Brown and designer Liz Lange, this one-of-a-kind action guide takes you by the hand and shows you:

  • how to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur with a minimum of stress, so that your energy is focused on building your business -- not emotional fire-fighting
  • how to anticipate -- and cope with -- the psychological minefields strewn along the way, so you can stay motivated and results oriented
  • how to stretch your launch dollars by substituting creativity for cash
  • how to avoid the 10 costliest mistakes that many women entrepreneurs make – mistakes that can drain your start-up dollars and your drive

Whether you're a "light-bulb" launcher like Lisa Druxman, whose idea for the red-hot franchise Stroller Strides hit her in a flash, or a "long-term launcher" like Liz Lange, whose fashion business evolved over time, Birthing the Elephant is the place to start for a smart start-up. Order it now - and take your first big step on the road to small-business success!

- Karin & Bruce

Karin Abarbanel is an expert on women entrepreneurs and small-business trends - and an experienced writer with four books to her credit. She served as Avon's spokesperson for its "Corporation to Cottage" initiative and speaks frequently on women's entrepreneurship.


Bruce Freeman is a successful national columnist for Scripps Howard News Service. His "Ask the Small Business Professor" column runs weekly to 350 newspapers in the U.S. and Canada. He received the "SBA Journalist of the Year" award, NJ 2006.


Media Contact: Kara Van de Water,, (510) 559.1600 x3054

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