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Time to Upgrade Computers

Dear Professor Bruce:

I'm the owner of a small consulting firm and we've been holding on to our computers for about six years now. How do I know when it's the right time to upgrade?


Small businesses are typically keeping their hardware longer now mainly for perceived economic benefits. Many desktops are more than five years old, plenty of business notebooks are approaching four years old, and Windows XP has already been around for eight years.

Brian Burch, director of small business segment marketing, PSG Americas says, "now is an ideal time for small businesses to consider hardware upgrades. With the economy showing signs of improvement, the release of Microsoft's Windows 7 is a compelling reason to consider new desktops or notebooks". Businesses that understand the hidden liabilities of keeping old PCs - such as increased information technology (IT) support and employee downtime -- are realizing that now is the time to replace outdated technology.

In addition to the long term cost savings, small businesses can benefit from swapping outdated PCs for newer models to save time and energy, directly improving a company's bottom line.

Studies show that a new PC can boot up faster and shut down quicker than an older PC. Additionally, a new computer will run nearly three times faster than an old PC. As computers run more efficiently, IT requests go down and employee downtime is reduced. Workers are free to focus on mission-critical tasks. Additionally, a reduced workload of PC troubleshooting for the IT staff means it can continue streamlining business processes and spend time on other more strategic projects.

New desktops are energy efficient by nature and design, often requiring half the power of older PCs. Small businesses with updated computers can achieve an annual savings per computer on their electricity bill.

By improving employee productivity and energy savings through a PC refresh, small businesses can reap substantial savings. Some computer manufacturers also allow customers to trade in an old desktop or notebook for a rebate, increasing the savings potential even more. If your small business is in a position to upgrade to new PCs, now is an ideal time to consider the move.

For further information, please visit www.367AddisonAvenue.com.

Studies show that a new PC can boot up faster and shut down quicker than an older PC.